The unemployment rate in Louisiana

The state of Louisiana is adding 9,000 new jobs during August.

In August of 2017, Louisiana added 9,000 jobs. That’s almost three quarters of the state government positions available in Louisiana. Latest data on the number of government positions in Louisiana is that there are at present more than 31,000 government employees in the state. Many of these positions are required by law and/or rules that relate to the duties of public servants.The growth of jobs in Louisiana is an encouraging sign for the state’s economy and the citizens of Louisiana. The growing economy provides more opportunities for everyone regardless of ability or previous experience. This new employment will assist in boosting the local economy and create new opportunities for citizens.

Louisiana is at the Rise.

Louisiana has witnessed a significant growth in the economy over recent years as unemployment rates have fallen and opportunities for employment increasing. The state experienced the growth of almost three-quarters of the population employed, adding 9,000 new jobs last august. This is good news for Louisiana as well as the general economic situation.

In Louisiana, the Jobs Market is on the Upswing

The market for jobs in Louisiana is growing quickly, there are more and more candidates looking to fill positions in the government of the state. There were three times the number of jobs open than vacant positions in August. Everyone is benefitting by this increase: Employers are hiring more highly qualified applicants as well as workers get new employment while taxes increase with it.

What are the Benefits of Louisiana’s economic Growth.

The growth of the economy can bring many advantages. A three-quarter (9,000) out of amount of jobs that are government-related in Louisiana was created in August. This positive job growth is a result of various initiatives such as tax breaks and investment in infrastructure.Louisiana’s Economic Growth Can Help You Get ahead financiallyLouisiana has some of the lowest earners per capita in the country, meaning that many people are able to get ahead financially through their work and entrepreneurship. Tax breaks and incentives offered by the state are intended to aid those trying to make a difference and get ahead.Louisiana’s economic Growth will help increase your IncomeLouisiana’s economy is expanding rapidly, and this increase in potential income will be beneficial for everybody involved: companies as well as families, both individuals and businesses. It is possible to increase your earnings while saving money. This can allow the ability to live with less money, but providing you with more possibilities to work in your area or sector.


In August of 2017, Louisiana announced that it has added 9,000 new jobs. This is excellent news for Louisiana’s economy , as is the job market. Businesses could save money through increasing the number of government employees and grow their business. Also, because of the rapid growth that has occurred in Louisiana, businesses can find new opportunities to increase their revenue and make progress in terms of financial gain.

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