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Children get more sleep earlier as the day gets shorter. We’ve put together a list of fiction and nonfiction books to aid in the transition to summer. FICTION (picture book) Nicole Helget’s “Be Good, Peanut Butter”, illustrated by Erin McClean, River Horse Children’s Books priced at 1$. Minnesotan Helget Author of books for adults and children who is also an editor and manuscript coach who lives on a farm in southern Minnesota.

Excited and curious to explore, he leaves the house to find adventures, meeting animals as well as exploring new locations, smelling new smells. Even better, he makes acquaintances. Once he realizes that the day is almost over, he’s forced to race home prior to the children arrive to discover that he’s been a good dog. Illustration McClean, who lives in Northern Ireland, loves drawing fun, energetic and cute characters, and incorporates bright colors and classic textures into her work. “Finding Bunny” Written by Renee Bolla, illustrations by Jess Bircham (Independently published, $.Nothing can cause more stress in a household than a lost pet.

Elle is close with Bunny her best friend. But when Mom is away, and Dad assumes the responsibility, Bunny is absent. Just as Elle is about to weep, Mom returns home and collects Bunny out of the washing machine. Bolla an author from Minneapolis is the author of this delightful tale that every child that loves toys will understand. Bolla is a writer from Minneapolis has quit her position as an executive in retail to pursue her goals of becoming a self-published writer. She’s currently writing books for her three daughters. They’re easy to read and neat, making these books appropriate for kids.

Matty Caron’s first book “Finding Bunny” is a novel that was influenced by his real-life experiences. In memory of his late best friend David Hietpas, the story follows a young prince who fears darkness and embarks on adventures with a mushroom, daisies, an eagle, and a wolf. This isn’t an easy book, but kids will understand its main character’s triumphs and struggle.

Kids who have reached the age of kindergarten should be able to enjoy Bill Tierney’s drawings, which look close to being photographs. “Sprinkles” written by Allison Wood, illustrated by Samuel Waddle (Independently published, $. hardcover, $. Paperback is a beautiful novel about Julia as well as her father who walks to the bakery to pick up doughnuts in the morning before Grandma is due to arrive. Baker lets Julia select a treat for herself and she chooses “the pretty, pink, very-sprinkly” one. When she gets home, she devours her sweet treat and finds sprinkles all over, including on her cat.

Wood is an elementary English Learner teacher at St. Paul Public Schools. The illustrations that accompany the text compliment the fun theme of the book. Minnesota-based Free Spirit Publishing is an imprint of Teacher Created Materials and the largest publisher of learning materials designed to support children’s emotional, psychological, and academic needs. The three Free Spirit books published this year ($.-$.fulfill this goal. “You Wonder All the Time,” written by child-development expert Deborah Farmer Kris and illustrated by Jennifer Zivoin, is the newest book in the series.

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Young children over school age can enjoy Tierney’s drawings, which look very similar to photos. “Sprinkles” is written by Allison Wood, illustrated by Samuel Waddle (Independently published, $1. hardcover, $. Paperback: This pretty book tells Julia’s story about her dad and the trip into the bakery to pick doughnuts for breakfast in the morning before Grandma is due to arrive. The bakery owner allows Julia choose a doughnut just for herself . She chooses “the pretty, pink, super-sprinkly” one. When she gets home, she devours her treat and there are sprinkles all over, including on the cat.

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