How Outlast Records is changing the game for unsigned artists

Generation AP is a weekly show that showcases the upcoming performers, writers and artists who are set to take on the world. Digital revolution has led to a variety of shifts in the world of music over the last ten years. The key to success is innovation, adaptability and fostering the next generation of talents that have kept the record companies relevant. Outlast Records is one the most creative and influential labels in the world of music.

Outlast Records, founded by Daniel McCartney and featuring an assortment of artists is working hard to introduce new talents to hip-hop, alternative, and rock community. It comprises JordyPurp as well as Magic Whatever, all of who are not genre-specific, but still have the rock and roll vibe. Outlast Records continues to build its reputation. They are establishing an distinctive sound for the label, similar to what Sub Pop did in the early ’70s, and Rise Records in the ‘s.

He played in the band metalcore Gideon as well as touring around the world as a guitarist. When he started his professional career, the label manager knew too the difficulties it could be to follow your dream. as a mentor, label manager and the sounding board for his brand new lineup of musicians, he could not be more perfect. Outlast Records is a family company. It’s the result of dedication and mentoring and also provides the opportunity to create for those that most require them. It includes having a place in streaming playlists of the various DSPs as well as tours with top musicians from the alternative genre. Outlast Records also serves as an imprint of parent company.

Sumerian Records is proud to be announcing Outlast Records. The label started career paths for Asking Alexandra, Palaye Royale as well as Bad Omens. Ash Avildsen, founder and the owner of Sumerian Records shares that he was a booking agent that represented groups in the new generation. The popularity of Sumerian Records launched was due in large part to Ash Avildsen’s ability to bring my artists touring and staying up with the happenings in the various shows around the nation. Daniel McCartney has the same as me in terms of visionary talents and that’s why I’m incredibly proud to have him as a partner.

Outlast Records, as an experienced industry professional is the ideal label to choose if your desire is to become a successful artist. McCartney was the company’s creator and has a passion for helping emerging artists realize their full potential. My experiences in booking tour dates gives me the chance to help Outlast artists to get the recognition they deserve. It’s an honor to be in a position to represent some of the most promising young artists, including Palaye Royale, MOD Sun, Mothica as well as Mothica. Outlast Music could be the name to choose if you’re seeking to invest in your future and propel your music up to new levels.

Agent, I’ve found amazing talent at the right places. They’ve been clients of mine since the very beginning. I’ve been able to be involved in the projects they were working on before. As a representative for a label, I can identify musicians I’d like to representeven if they do not have a label backing or aren’t old enough to be eligible for an agreement. This is a win-win for me since I am able to invest money into them and be confident in their abilities. It’s working effectively. It’s a double-edged sword The music I release and the way I help artists I am a believer in.

All of us can learn from one another.

Outlast Records is committed to helping artists reach their maximum potential. My experience with booking tour tickets have given me an opportunity to help Outlast’s artists get the recognition they deserve. Outlast is a showcase for some of the most promising musicians of the moment and I believe it’s an honour.

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