How to Join the Cadet Program in Cobb County Georgia

Here are the steps to follow if interested in the Cobb County Georgia Cadet Program. First, you need to apply for the program. After that, you have to be present at three times on consecutive dates to get your application package. You will also have to present an interview in person to 3 people on a panel comprising a cadet officers and the post advisor. It is required to be at least 14 and over to join the post. Additionally, you need to keep a minimum of 2.0 G.P.A. at school. Also, you could be disqualified if you have any prior incidents, including a felony or a previous conviction for drug abuse.

Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol, a youth group in the United States, teaches them how to fly. Established in 1943, the organisation teaches students about the aviation industry, science and mathematics. Check out the site for additional information. There will also be an open house in conjunction with the program on July 18 beginning at 6:30 p.m.

It is an Total Force partner and an Auxiliary of the United States Air Force. The cadet program trains the new generation of leaders and encourages education in STEM and aerospace. It also maintains a legacy with 75 years of experience and an obligation to nearly 1500 communities across the country.

U.S. Navy League

The U.S. Navy League Cadet Program is for girls and boys who are attending high school located in Cobb County, Georgia. The program allows for rapid progression as well as a one-week summer program, as well as other fun programs. The course includes lessons in military courtesies, close order drills, and the history of military and heroes.

The course is designed to address the physical requirements for officers and equips students with the ability to be leaders to succeed. Students learn leadership skills and develop a desire to work as a team. Activities include physical education classes and regular fitness testing as well as competitive sports.

Brookhaven Public Safety

The Cobb County Georgia Cadet Program allows girls and boys to have the chance to participate in the military. The minimum age for this program is twelve and the maximum of 19 years. The program meets for two sessions per week, and on a Saturday a month. The students also have the opportunity to take part in leadership training camps, career academy, and many other summer programs.

The Cadets Program in Cobb County Georgia provides students with the opportunity to improve their leadership abilities and learn more about the local law enforcement authorities and engage in various community relations activities. Cadets are able to take part in competitions related to law. These activities help them to build the same leadership qualities that police officers require.

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office

The Cadet Program is a specialized military organization for young people who provide military-style classes. The program is for boys and girls between 12-19 aged who would like to take part in military programs. They train in a variety of activities and meet two times a week. Additionally, they have two weekends per month. They may also attend the career academy or leadership camp during the months of summer.

Every year, the Cobb County Police Cadet Post #5 is involved in three major events. One of these includes the Metro Atlanta Competition for Explorers, which is held every October. The Cadets have been raising money to attend the National Cadet Competition this year.

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