How to Stay Connected While Exploring Australia with Hellenes & Hip

Hippocrates the Father of Clinical Medicine joined us during our trip towards Bucharest. the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute was our next destination. Melbourne is the vibrant vitality of the Greek community in Australia. There were also eminent doctors and scientists like Professor Dr. Georgios Patoulis, the president of the International Institute of Greek Doctors as […]

Celebrating the New Year with Miley Cyrus: An Inside Look at Her Party Plans

Live TV shows will let viewers to engage with celebrities like Miley Cyrus or Ryan Seacrest on New Year’s Eve. Special programs will be broadcast through networks like ABC, CBS, and NBC to commemorate the celebration. Here is a list of the shows that air during the time leading up until midnight. Further updates will […]

Celebrating the Impact of Steve Lacy’s Revolutionary Music Style

Following the release of Harry Styles’ single “As It Was” with 15 consecutive weeks in the top spot in Billboard Hot , a five month streak during that period has been widely acknowledged as being one of the most extraordinary music moments of this year. The number one. #1 spot was occupied by Steve Lacy’s […]

Uncovering Ancient History: A Tour of Greetings Arts Calendar December’s Theaters

As the festive period approaches, the art world appears to be not letting up and is offering a variety of festive events for the pre-Christmas season that vary from a double art bill to art shows which are inspired by fairy tales and time-traveling fantasies. Additionally, there are traditional Pop photography, film on the post-carceral […]

Why Visiting Little Women Hot Spots in Chicago this December is a Must

Strawdog Theatre Company proudly presents the adaptation of Eric Kimmel’s classic children’s story “Goblins” written by Michael Dailey and Jacob Combs with a direction by Hannah Todd. This festive show runs through December 1st until the 3rd at The Edge Off Broadway theatre which is located at W. Catalpa. Admission is no cost. Strawdog Theatre […]

A Look Back at the Brilliant and Eccentric Career of Marty Feldman

During the early years of his career, Marty Feldman did a lot of things that made him stand out for his work, such as turning his back on a role in film “Bad News” in favor of working as an extra on the movie “The Nightmare before Christmas.” The early successes helped set the stage […]

The top five gadgets of the year and where to find them on sale

In the recent keynote address at the ANA Brand Activation and Creativity Conference Radio Flyer CEO Robert Pasin spoke about how the company uses the most recent technology in the creation of innovative products that are fun for kids and adults alike. Known as the Chief Wagon Officer Pasin has been leading the business to […]

The Most Profitable Gadgets to Sell

There are many apps available that will help you keep up to date with this year’s World Cup, whether you’re an avid soccer fan or just want to follow your favorite teams during the entire tournament. The apps can give you an overview of the tournament which will let you select the teams you like […]

The Future of the Gadget Market

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fresh international student or a seasoned vet, there are a number of things to learn about the U. The first week of your time in America could be a bit overwhelming. It is important to prepare the right plan. A few international students have found it difficult to transition. […]